1. What is Cropping and Farming System?

Cropping and Farming System, definitions, constituents, and various dimensions.
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Crop Rotation

Definition: It is the practice of growing different crops in different seasons on the same piece of land again and again.

Cropping Pattern

Definition: It can be defined as crop rotation in a locality at a time. 

It takes into consideration the time (yearly sequence) and space (spatial sequence) aspects. 

Cropping System

Definition: It can be defined as the cropping pattern and its specific management over a period.  it is location-specific.

Specific Management:

  1.  Based on genotype: such as genetic makeup of seed.
  2.  Based on the geometry of the field: such as planting pattern and area under certain plant population.
  3. Based on management: it includes cropping pattern, variety, method of stand establishment, pest management, and harvest.

Farming System and Mixed Farming

Definition: It can be defined as a cropping system along with certain allied activities, for example, livestock, poultry, fisheries, and forestry.

There are certain goals associated with such systems: 

  • Profit is the main goal of a Farming system. 
  • The main goal of Mixed farming is subsistence.

Cropping Scheme

Definition: It is a plan for a crop to be sown for maximum profit. 

It depends upon fertility, yield, and other factors including labor, capital, prices. 

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