Euphoria: 8 Reasons Why Zendaya’s Show is Hypnotic Magic

With Euphoria season 2 frenzy going on online, here is a beginner guide why the series is best teenage drama show right now.
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Euphoria on HBO MAX

With Euphoria season 2 frenzy going on online, here is a beginner guide why the series is best teenage drama show right now.

Currently streaming on HBO Max (Disney+ in the case of India) is something which you can stream without thinking twice given its high rating on IMDb and so much hype around it. But if you are still not convinced, well, give me a chance to do that.

Here are 8 reasons why Euphoria is a must-watch:

1. Teenage Rom-Com but & with a Zack Snyder twist.

Although Zack Snyder has nothing to do with this series. But while watching, you will see the darkness in the storyline often a trademark of Zack. It seems like Zack has left Warner Bros. Media but his style remained. But, trust me on that. You are gonna love it.

2. The Powerful BGM for each character.

To put the case forward in this regard, this example is sufficient:

With Powerful BGM, this series offers us a non-stop ride in Excitement, Intimacy, Power and Violence.

3. Euphoria’s Cast, with Zendaya In the lead.

screengrab from the tv show Euphoria
Zendaya with her friends
Source: Variety

Being the lead of the series, Zendaya is as funny, out of this world, weird & loveable as we love her from the Spiderman trilogy. Along with her, the show brings a huge cast of stars for whom you will be rooting for just after one episode.

4) Break the Black & white shackles to Bring-in Gray.

This is not another teenage drama with a charming prince & a submissive princess with a villain. All the characters have a grey side, closer to reality and away from fairytales.

5. It is truly about teenagers, bad decisions & love.

The story doesn’t revolve around only the lead character but follows multiple story arcs based on different but important issues.

In a way, it is like Netflix’s Sex-Eduction but more real and darker.

6. Cinematography

Just click on the video and you will know what I am talking about:


Source: The Beauty Of

7. Bold & Beautiful

screengrab from show Euphoria

The show is only for adults as it doesn’t shy away from nudity and sexually explicit themes & gory plotlines. So, yes this is a teenage drama for grown-ups.

8. Show with a point to make.

From ‘LGBTQ Rights’ to ‘Body Positivity’ to ‘Drugs and Violence’, it hits on all the important problems of teenagers. It is not trying to be a woke series but what is the need of time.

So, in the final verdict, Euphoria is a must-watch show. Season 1 is already on OTT and season 2 currently running, it will keep your weekend’s excitement alive.

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