Guest Posting

Guidelines for Guest Writers. Please read carefully.

Guest Posting

Welcome to HomoFictious. Before Contacting Us please read the below guideline and know about our content subjects for faster approvals.

Guidelines for Guest Writing on the website:

  1. The content should be good and not spam filled with backlinks.
  2. Backlinks to relevant material and the author’s website are allowed, but priority would be given to writers with no backlinks, who just want to learn and create their portfolio.
  3. Pitch your Idea on email before you write, so that your hard work’s result can be assured by confirmation from my side.
  4.  I reserve the right to edit the submitted material if required, but certainly with your consent.
  5. Before you contact me please understand the website layout and topics of concern and do right in the email where your post can be added to the site.
  6. To help the writer I promote the post through using social media promotion at my own cost but only the best post with at least a hundred reads would be promoted to filter out the clutter and make the best use of my resources.
  7.  I am always available in case you have any queries regarding any matter just email me or contact me on any social media handle listed on the website.
  8. This website does not pay for any type of Ghost Writing. All the articles submitted should have an identity, which can be mentioned in the author section.

Now it’s your turn to get yourself writing and publishing online.

Pitch Your Idea

Go through the Website and read the Guidelines first.

Pitch your idea by emailing


Write your Content. Please use power keywords if possible. The use of graphics enhances the quality but graphics should be optimized for the website.

Get Published

You are ready to get Published after following all previous steps.

To know more about how I promote my posts please contact me after your content is published.